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Conversion field map of the NPPES Data Dissemination CSV file to a JSON document

Column Header JSON field Note
1 NPI number  
2 Entity Type Code enumeration_type  
3 Replacement NPI basic.replacement_npi  
4 Employer Identification Number (EIN) basic.ein  
5 Provider Organization Name (Legal Business Name) basic.organization_name  
6 Provider Last Name (Legal Name) basic.last_name  
7 Provider First Name basic.first_name  
8 Provider Middle Name basic.middle_name  
9 Provider Name Prefix Text basic.name_prefix  
10 Provider Name Suffix Text basic.name_suffix  
11 Provider Credential Text basic.credential  
12 Provider Other Organization Name other_names[0].organization_name Version 1 Only. Version 2 uses Other Name file for Other Organization Names
13 Provider Other Organization Name Type Code other_names[0].code  
14 Provider Other Last Name other_names[0].last_name  
15 Provider Other First Name other_names[0].first_name  
16 Provider Other Middle Name other_names[0].middle_name  
17 Provider Other Name Prefix Text other_names[0].prefix  
18 Provider Other Name Suffix Text other_names[0].suffix  
19 Provider Other Credential Text other_names[0].credential  
20 Provider Other Last Name Type Code other_names[0].code  
  DERIVED VALUE other_names[0].type Derived from code
21 Provider First Line Business Mailing Address addresses[1].address_1  
22 Provider Second Line Business Mailing Address addresses[1].address_2  
23 Provider Business Mailing Address City Name addresses[1].city  
24 Provider Business Mailing Address State Name addresses[1].state  
25 Provider Business Mailing Address Postal Code addresses[1]. postal_code  
26 Provider Business Mailing Address Country Code (If outside U.S.) addresses[1].country_code  
27 Provider Business Mailing Address Telephone Number addresses[1].telephone_number  
28 Provider Business Mailing Address Fax Number addresses[1]. fax_number  
  CONSTANT VALUE addresses[1].address_purpose "MAILING"
29 Provider First Line Business Practice Location Address addresses[0].address_1  
30 Provider Second Line Business Practice Location Address addresses[0].address_2  
31 Provider Business Practice Location Address City Name addresses[0].city  
32 Provider Business Practice Location Address State Name addresses[0].state  
33 Provider Business Practice Location Address Postal Code addresses[0]. postal_code  
34 Provider Business Practice Location Address Country Code (If outside U.S.) addresses[0].country_code  
35 Provider Business Practice Location Address Telephone Number addresses[0].telephone_number  
36 Provider Business Practice Location Address Fax Number addresses[0]. fax_number  
  CONSTANT VALUE addresses[0].address_purpose "LOCATION"
37 Provider Enumeration Date basic.enumeration_date  
  DERIVED VALUE created_epoch Derived from Col 37
38 Last Update Date basic.last_updated  
  DERIVED VALUE last_updated_epoch Derived from Col 38
39 NPI Deactivation Reason Code basic.deactivation_reason_code  
40 NPI Deactivation Date basic.deactivation_date  
41 NPI Reactivation Date basic.reactivation_date  
42 Provider Gender Code basic.gender  
43 Authorized Official Last Name basic.authorized_official_last_name  
44 Authorized Official First Name basic.authorized_official_first_name  
45 Authorized Official Middle Name basic.authorized_official_middle_name  
46 Authorized Official Title or Position basic.authorized_official_title_or_position  
47 Authorized Official Telephone Number basic.authorized_official_telephone_number  
48 Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Code_1 taxonomies[0].code  
49 Provider License Number_1 taxonomies[0].license  
50 Provider License Number State Code_1 taxonomies[0].state  
51 Healthcare Provider Primary Taxonomy Switch_1 taxonomies[0].primary  
  DERIVED VALUE taxonomies[0].desc Derived from code
*** *** ***  
104 Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Code_15 taxonomies[14].code  
105 Provider License Number_15 taxonomies[14].license  
106 Provider License Number State Code_15 taxonomies[14].state  
107 Healthcare Provider Primary Taxonomy Switch_15 taxonomies[14].primary  
  DERIVED VALUE taxonomies[14].desc Derived from code
108 Other Provider Identifier_1 identifiers[0].identifier  
109 Other Provider Identifier Type Code_1 identifiers[0].code  
110 Other Provider Identifier State_1 identifiers[0].state  
111 Other Provider Identifier Issuer_1 identifiers[0].issuer  
  DERIVED VALUE identifiers[0].desc Derived from code
*** *** ***  
304 Other Provider Identifier_50 identifiers[49].identifier  
305 Other Provider Identifier Type Code_50 identifiers[49].code  
306 Other Provider Identifier State_50 identifiers[49].state  
307 Other Provider Identifier Issuer_50 identifiers[49].issuer  
  DERIVED VALUE identifiers[49].desc Derived from code
308 Is Sole Proprietor basic.sole_proprietor  
309 Is Organization Subpart basic.organizational_subpart  
310 Parent Organization LBN basic.parent_organization_legal_business_name  
311 Parent Organization TIN basic.parent_organization_ein  
312 Authorized Official Name Prefix Text basic.authorized_official_name_prefix  
313 Authorized Official Name Suffix Text basic.authorized_official_name_suffix  
314 Authorized Official Credential Text basic.authorized_official_credential  
315 Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Group_1 taxonomies[0].taxonomy_group  
*** *** ***  
329 Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Group_15 taxonomies[14].taxonomy_group  
330 Certification Date basic.certification_date  

Endpoints File (Version 2 only)

Column Header JSON field Note
1 NPI number  
2 Endpoint Type endpoints[n].endpointType  
3 Endpoint Type Description endpoints[n].endpointTypeDescription  
4 Endpoint endpoints[n].endpoint  
5 Affiliation endpoints[n].affiliation  
6 Endpoint Description endpoints[n].endpointDescription  
7 Affiliation Legal Business Name endpoints[n].affliationName  
8 Use Code endpoints[n].use  
9 Use Description endpoints[n].useDescription  
10 Other Use Description endpoints[n].useOtherDescription  
11 Content Code endpoints[n].contentType  
12 Content Description endpoints[n].contentTypeDescription  
13 Other Content Description endpoints[n].contentOtherDescription  
14 Affiliation Address Line One endpoints[n].address_1  
15 Affiliation Address Line Two endpoints[n].address_2  
16 Affiliation Address City endpoints[n].city  
17 Affiliation Address State endpoints[n].state  
18 Affiliation Address Country endpoints[n].country_code  
19 Affiliation Address Postal Code endpoints[n].postal_code  
  DERIVED VALUE endpoints[n].country_name Derived from Country Code
  DERIVED VALUE endpoints[n].address_type DOM - Domestic
FGN - Foreign
MIL - Military

Other Names File (Version 2 only)

Column Header JSON field Note
1 NPI number  
2 Provider Other Organization Name other_names[n].organization_name  
3 Provider Other Organization Name Type Code other_names[n].code  
  DERVIVED VALUE other_names[n].type Type Description Derived From Name Type Code

Practice Locations (Version 2 only)

Column Header JSON field Note
1 NPI number  
2 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- Address Line 1 practiceLocations[n].address_1  
3 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- Address Line 2 practiceLocations[n].address_2  
4 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- City Name practiceLocations[n].city  
5 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- State Name practiceLocations[n].state  
6 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- Postal Code practiceLocations[n].postal_code  
7 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- Country Code practiceLocations[n].country_code  
8 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- Telephone Number practiceLocations[n].telephone_number  
9 Provider Secondary Practice Location Address- Exenstion practiceLocations[n].telephone_number Stored with Telephone Number in Telephone Number field.
DERVIVED VALUE practiceLocations[n].country_name Derived From Country Code