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NPPES NPI Registry Help

Search Results

The results of the Search for Health Providers based on the criteria entered are displayed in a Table View.

Descriptions of the fields displayed on the Results page(s):

  • NPI: The NPI Number is the unique, 10-digit National Provider Identifier assigned to the provider. The NPI Number is a hyperlink, navigating to the NPI Details page, when selected.
  • Name: The Legal Business Name associated with the Provider. For Individual Providers, the Name column consists of the Individuals First and Last Names.
  • NPI Type: Identifies if the Provider is a Type 1 Individual ProviderIndividual or a Type 2 Organizational Provider Organization.
  • Primary Practice Address: The address of the Practice Location is displayed.
  • Phone: The Phone number associated with the Practice Location is displayed.
  • Primary Taxonomy: The description of the primary taxonomy for the provider is displayed. If a primary taxonomy does not exist for the provider, the Taxonomy column will display "No Primary Taxonomy". All taxonomies for the provider will be displayed on the Details page regardless of the primary taxonomy status.

Page Navigation

  • Home hyperlink: Navigates to the Search for NPI Records page.
  • Back button: When displayed navigates to the previous search results page.
  • More button: When displayed navigates to the next search results page.
  • Start a New Search button: Navigates to the Search for NPI Records page.
  • NPPES hyperlink: navigates to the NPPES system Login page where providers can apply for and manage their NPIs.
  • Downloads hyperlink: navigates to the CMS Data Dissemination page where information regarding the NPPES Downloadable files. The NPPES Downloadable file is for those users needing access to the full NPPES data dissemination file, please feel free to utilize the monthly NPPES Downloadable File. File can be found on the Public Data Dissemination page. Please be sure to read the Facts about the Downloadable File before attempting to download the actual file. The NPPES Downloadable File is very large (exceeds 4 GB) and is intended to be downloaded by individuals with the requisite technical expertise.
  • API hyperlink: navigates to the NPPES API Help pages. The NPPES Read API facilitates the reading of the public information associated with an NPI (National Provider Identifier). All information produced by the NPPES Read API is provided in accordance with the NPPES Data Dissemination Notice.

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